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Have you been lacking energy, experiencing weak erections, lacking sex drive, or having difficulty sleeping and concentrating? These could all be symptoms of low testosterone and can occur for a variety of reasons, and all affect the quality of your life.

Lack of sex drive or weak erections puts a strain on most relationships and begins affecting your confidence. Poor sleeping habits and difficulty concentrating often affect your work performance. 

As you begin to age, your testosterone levels naturally decline. This decline starts in your mid-to-late 20s. And by the time you turn 50, your natural testosterone levels are significantly less. 

Low testosterone is often a sign that something bigger is going on and can affect your physical and emotional life, whether exercising, muscle mass, stamina, or libido. It’s important that

Thankfully you can get help through a Texas testosterone center. These centers specialize in treating men’s health issues. These treatments often include balancing your testosterone levels, improving your nutrition, and identifying the underlying cause. However, not every TRT Austin clinic is going to be the best option.

The best method of finding a good men’s clinic is to take the time to read the reviews and testimonials. You’ll uncover that Craft Medical gets results, cares about their patients, and everything can be done from the comfort of your own home.  After a few months of treatments with Craft Medical, you’ll begin to notice improvements in your symptoms. And you’ll soon begin to feel like yourself again.

Let Us Shatter Your Expectations.

Our members believe their health is energizing and important. Our solutions are fast, convenient and they simply work. Reclaim your vitality and let us shatter your expectations. It’s your life – better. See what Craft Medical can do for your health.

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Conditions we treat

Men are faced with various conditions such as stress, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, genital herpes, and more. While often low testosterone is to blame – stress, alcohol abuse, and certain medications are also common causes of men’s health issues, including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.  

Because low testosterone causes a slew of symptoms, you’ll find that if you’re dealing with low sex drive, lowered sperm count or volume, having trouble sleeping, experiencing unusual loss of muscle and bone density or have unexplained weight gain you might want to consider seeking help from a specialist at a TRT clinic. They understand the mental and physical issues associated with low testosterone levels, aid in optimal treatment. They have a better understanding of your mental state, which helps you feel at ease.

Our goal at Craft Medical is to provide you with treatments that are specific to what your body needs. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all treatment method, and we’re dedicated to specializing in low testosterone and a variety of men’s health issues.


At Craft Medical, the treatments will look different for everyone. What works for you might not work for the other guy. This is because we treat you as an individual and create a personalized treatment plan that works best for you. Most treatment plans include prescription medications, supplements based on your body’s nutritional needs, behavioral therapy, stress relief techniques, and lifestyle changes. These things will naturally help to maximize the production of testosterone.

Before beginning any type of treatment, we’ll carefully analyze your blood, discuss your symptoms, go over your family history, get a list of medication you’re taking and your lifestyle. Learning about this will help us determine the underlying cause of your symptoms and put us one step closer to improving your quality of life.

Because there are so many reasons for testosterone levels to deplete - illness, medication use, drug use, alcohol use, and age the treatments will likely include multiple treatments such as a prescription plan, supplements, exercise, and counseling.

Here is an outline of how we treat certain conditions:

Erectile Dysfunction

Most often, this is caused by an underlying physical condition and psychological conditions. The most common treatment for this condition include behavioral therapy, stress relief techniques and lifestyle changes. Medication alone isn’t going to provide you with the results that you want. We’ll take the time to evaluate the cause and create an effective, long-lasting solution.

Premature Ejaculation

Common treatment options include behavioral techniques, medications, stress relief techniques, and counseling. We’ll develop the best treatment plan that will help you keep longer-lasting erections to improve your sexual experience.

Cold Sores

Lip balms, creams, and compresses combined with an antiviral medication are the best treatment options for healing and preventing cold sores from returning.

Genital Herpes

Genital herpes cannot be cured, but you can control outbreaks with antiviral medications, nutritional improvements, and other treatment options. Living with the herpes simplex virus doesn’t mean your life is over.


You never have to leave the comfort of your home when being treated by Craft Medical. You’ll begin with an online consultation; we’ll then send you everything you’ll need with an at-home testing kit to collect a blood sample. This will allow us to see exactly what is going on inside your body. Once we receive your sample, our specialists will analyze it, and once the results are in, we’ll schedule a telemedicine appointment so that we can review the findings, answer any questions or concerns that you may have, and go over your personalized treatment plan for the next three months. You’ll want to stick with the program for at least three months for optimal results. After the three months, we’ll follow up with testing and consultations to achieve optimal results. This may mean making necessary adjustments that will improve the results. testosterone? Of course not. However, when you are dealing with concerns about low testosterone and search for a “male hormone specialist near me,” you want somebody who has dedicated their life to not only understanding why testosterone levels deplete in the male body with age and the result of other influences and factors, including illness, medication use, drug use, alcohol use, and so forth, but also somebody who knows you are a unique individual.

Your body is not the same as the next guy’s body. That means a treatment a general practitioner may offer one man may not be optimal for you and your lifestyle, your exercise or fitness level, your general diet or nutrition needs, chronic health factors, and so forth.

Before you simply hone in on a TRT treatment near you, allow us the opportunity to help connect you with a specialist, a doctor who has dedicated his or her specialty to low testosterone levels and helping men achieve their highest level of strength, fitness, sexual drive and performance, and feeling their best.

What is
The Cost?

Our packages start at just $55 and are designed to improve your symptoms and boost your sexual performance so that you can feel great! All of our packages include labs, medications, and supplements. 

Our qualified physician will discuss the treatment plan with you, and within just a few short weeks, you’ll begin noticing a difference in your symptoms and sexual performance.


The truth is, we’re not the only low testosterone clinic Austin has. With a simple search, “testosterone therapy Austin,” “testosterone therapy Houston,” or “testosterone therapy Austin,” you’ll see just how many.

But what separates us from them is our personalized treatment options, telemedicine services, and time spent listening to you as a person.

We offer virtual online consultations and send all your prescriptions right to your doorstep. Men’s health is a personal issue, and it’s often difficult for men to open up, and our telehealth services make it easier.

Craft Medical specializes in treating men’s health issues, including low testosterone levels, lack of sex drive, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction, with a personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique and specific needs. We treat you as an individual taking your symptoms, health, family history, and lifestyle into consideration when developing your personalized treatment plan. We listen to take the time to listen to you because you deserve to be heard. 

Our passion for providing you with more energy, improved sexual performance, and improving your overall health is what separates us from the other testosterone replacement therapy Austin has. You’ll find that our testimonials reflect our passion, goals, and expert medical care to increase your testosterone levels, stop the symptoms you’ve been experiencing and improve your sexual and physical health. 

Are you ready to increase your energy, libido and improve the overall quality of your sex life? Then reach out today and take advantage of our free consultation.

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