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The Best Men’s Stress Relief Gifts

Stress is one of the biggest challenges facing modern man. With the pressures of modern-day life, it’s no surprise that most men find it difficult to relax.

Stress is not merely tiredness that goes away with time. According to the CDC, it can lead to fear, nightmares, mental health conditions, and increased risk of alcohol and substance abuse.

So, as you can see, stress should be taken seriously: it can lead to worse problems if taken slightly.

Given the toll stress can take on men, you may be thinking of getting a stress relief gift basket for that special someone. Here, we’ve listed some of the best anti-stress gifts for men and their price ranges.

Let’s go shopping!

NodPod Weighted Sleep Mask – $25-$50

One of the best men’s stress relief gifts is something to help him take the edge off with quality sleep. Say hello to the NodPod sleep mask. 

This mask’s unique design blocks light and envelops the user in a welcome void of sleepy darkness. Also, the mask is designed to stay on in several sleeping positions so that his sleep is not interrupted whichever way he turns.

The mask is made from quality fiber that soothes the skin, so the feel of its soft surface relaxes his body and mind and invites sleep. The product’s makers say it provides natural stress relief just three minutes after putting it on.

So, if you’re packing a stress relief basket for men, this is a great addition.

Theragun – $179 – $599

Thinking of curating the perfect stress relief basket? Nothing gets in the way of relaxation like a body full of knots and ends, which is why the Theragun is one of the best gifts to reduce men’s stress. It is a personal on-demand masseuse that will unknot those sore areas leaving him thoroughly relaxed.

According to Therabody, makers of the Theragun, it is “developed by medical experts, backed by science.” They also claim it aids “recovery, performance, sleep, mobility, and stress,” qualities that make it one of the perfect gifts for stress relief.

Imagine him reaching for this tool with anticipation after a long day, and you’ll be glad you got him one of the best gifts to reduce stress.

With different price options, there’s something for every budget.

Dove Men’s Stress Relief Body Wash

Do you know a men’s stress relief gift that goes perfectly with a bath after a long day? It’s Dove Men’s Stress Relief body wash. Manufacturers formulated this body wash with holy basil and hemp seed oil to give an aromatic, relaxing experience.

The price varies by size and location, but you can add this to your stress relief gift basket without breaking the bank.

Calm Subscription $51-$99

You can help him reach inner peace and relieve stress with a Calm subscription. Calm is a meditation app that uses meditation, stretches, calming techniques, and sleep aids to lower stress and improve overall well-being.

The celebrity ingredient in the app is a bonus. With a Calm subscription, he can meditate with LeBron James, listen to sleep stories narrated by Kate Winslet, or fall asleep to the sound of Idris Elba’s soothing voice.

Healing Solutions Bergamot Essential oil – Less than $25

Affordable yet powerful, bergamot oil belongs in the stress relief gift basket. According to one study, bergamot essential oil can relieve anxiety, and another shows that it can increase positive feelings.

It’s also easy to apply. All he has to do is put a few drops on cotton, take a few breaths, and it’s bye-bye stress.

CBD Gummies – $49.99

We can’t talk about gifts to relieve stress without mentioning the versatile CBD. A recent Forbes health survey states that 51% of adults in America who use CBD use it to alleviate stress. 

Men's stress relief gifts


You can gift him nature’s wellness and anti-stress therapy in the form of cbdMD CBD For Sleep bundle. These CBD gummies are a healthful blend of CBD+THC with melatonin, ashwagandha, and calming herbs designed to give you premium stress relief.

This one goes in the stress relief gift basket.

Miracu Calming Scented Candles – $20.99

Do you know what would be perfect for a stress relief gift basket? Scented candles that combine aromatherapy with humor. Picture him breaking out in a big grin as he lights a scented candle that says, “light this candle when you need to calm the f*ck down.”

These candles, made from natural soy wax and essential oils, come in various fragrances, including lavender and cedar. He can use them when he’s sleeping, working, doing his yoga, reading, or whatever calming activity he likes to engage in, and they can burn for up to 50 hours, so he’ll get plenty of anti-stress hours out of them.

WOQQW Massager – $39.99

A good massage is the perfect anti-stress antidote, and you can get him a massage on demand with one of the best men’s stress relief gifts. This massager is what he needs to get rid of the muscle soreness and stiffness that characterize stress. The incredible massage it delivers can improve mood, relieve stress, and fight fatigue and lack of sleep.

It is effective for whole-body massage, especially those problematic points on the back, feet, neck, and shoulders. It also has a built-in heating function for extra comfort.

Live Stress-Free With Craft Medical

Stress is one of the biggest yet overlooked problems of the 21st century. The approach most people take is to wait for it to go away, but that’s not the best thing to do. You need to tackle stress actively. Your body and mind are the vehicles through which you experience the world, and that experience will be hampered by stress clogging the wheels.

So, what better at showing that special someone you care than gifting him a stress relief gift basket?

While at it, you can also take time out to engage in anti-stress activities that will renew your body and mind.

Here at Craft Medical, we specialize in helping men reduce their overall stress levels in healthier, more accessible ways. If you want help reducing stress or have complications in other areas, you can book a consultation with Craft Medical today. The best part? It all happens right from home.

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