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A Shy Guy’s Guide to Testosterone Support

testosterone support

Man’s quest to be more masculine, muscular, and virile is as old as time and human existence could tell, and it spans numerous cultures across the globe.

Long before the medical community got to define what makes a man be and feel like a man as testosterone, men from all over have been seeking testosterone support through different, sometimes audacious means, like chowing the testicles of animals.

Thanks to the discovery of testosterone in 1935, modern medicine backed by numerous research has made it possible to seek and get testosterone treatment without dining on balls of different animals.

Understandably, the subject of low T and testosterone support, however, is one that most men want to have in hush tones.

Shyness should not stop you from getting the treatment you need to feel more like yourself again. And you can trust Craft Medical for the best and most discreet low testosterone treatment online in the U.S.

What to Know Before Seeking Low Testosterone Treatment Online

It helps to recap the basic biology of testosterone before we look into the tidbits of low T treatment online.

Medical professionals regard testosterone as one of the most important hormones in the body contributing to the health and overall well-being of individuals.

Evolutionary biologists like Carole Hooven of Harvard University postulate that testosterone is a chief factor determining how the different sexes behave. Therefore, extensive scientific research on testosterone could provide knowledge that immensely empowers humanity across cultures.

Encyclopedia Britannica provides a rudimentary but very clear definition of testosterone. Thus:

“Hormone produced by the male testis that is responsible for the development of the male sex organs and masculine characteristics, including facial hair and deepening of the voice.”

Testosterone is a defining essence of masculinity. It merges the mind-body functions of a typical male to provide a sense of masculinity, from the way he thinks and acts to how his body develops.

Although testosterone is commonly described as a male sex hormone, it is also present in females in lower quantities, thus necessitating the need for testosterone support in some transgender men.

Various scientific studies indicate that the level of natural testosterone production in individuals — male or female — could be subject to their activities. Wielding power or engaging in very competitive activities could significantly increase testosterone levels in a woman, as much as it would in a man.

The medical community is yet to reach a consensus on the relationship between behavior and testosterone. Is it competitiveness or power that causes a natural testosterone boost, or is it a natural testosterone boost that causes competitiveness or the sense of power and dominance? Well, arguments for both sides exist.

What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Low T?

As you get older, your natural testosterone production rate is bound to drop. For many men, the drop in natural testosterone production could be so drastic it becomes necessary to consider online TRT treatment.

For some others, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) might not be a necessity since a natural testosterone boost could still happen through a lifestyle change.

Nevertheless, most men with low T are in the dark about how to pursue effective lifestyle changes that could reinvigorate their masculinity. More so, they feel uncomfortable initiating conversations around the topic, so they suffer in silence instead of accessing low testosterone treatment online.

It does not help that contrary to the common belief that low T or hypogonadism is a condition for older men around 50 years of age, it is increasingly becoming a condition experienced by younger men.

How Low Is too Low?

Depending on your size, factoring age, weight, and height, considerations for testosterone deficiency in men within the same age range could defer. Generally, the American Urological Association (AUA) considers testosterone levels below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl) to be too low.

That said, below is a quick guide for understanding what could be considered normal T levels in men:

  • 500-550 ng/dl for men between 40 and 50 years of age
  • 400-450 ng/dl for men between 50 and 60 years of age
  • 300-350 ng/dl for men over 60 years of age.

It is not unusual to come across younger men under 40 years who have testosterone levels below 300 ng/dl. If that is you, you do not have to panic, as you can access low testosterone treatment online to boost your T levels.

Causes of Low T in Guys

Often, guys are shy about discussing their masculinity or testosterone levels because they feel they are not old enough to have such problems. However, studies have shown that hypogonadism in men younger men is uncommon but not rare.

Some documented causes of low T in young guys include the following:

testosterone support
  • Congenital condition: This includes Klinefelter syndrome, which leads to the production of two or more X chromosomes (instead of one X chromosome) and one Y chromosome. The extra X chromosome causes testicular abnormalities, which could result in low production of testosterone.
  • Infections: For example, a mumps infection affecting the testes could ruin their functionality.
  • Injuries: An injury to one testicle may not spell the end of sufficient testosterone production, but an injury to both could mean farewell to testosterone production.
  • Iron overload: A congenital condition that causes an individual to absorb more iron than is needed from food. With too much iron in your bloodstream, you are likely to experience a drastic drop in your testosterone production.
  • Radiation therapy: The various forms of radiation therapy for cancer treatment could cause a temporary drop in testosterone production.
  • Stress factors: Some mental and physical stress-inducing activities or environments could lead to a drop in testosterone production. Stress could spike the levels of the stress hormone (cortisol) in the body, which in turn inhibits testosterone production in men.
  • Weight gain: Weight gain is a risk factor for many conditions, including cardiovascular conditions and low T levels. The relationship between weight gain and low T levels is sometimes a roundabout affair and is aptly termed obesity-associated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. In this case, being overweight can lead to low T levels, and the consequent low T levels could lead to more weight gain—and the cycle continues.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Guys

While erectile dysfunction and low libido are common symptoms in elderly men, the situation is a little different in younger men. When seeking low T treatment online, your physician would have to assess you for some signs before determining if to proceed with online TRT treatment or if low T therapy or lifestyle change would be a better option.

Some symptoms to look out for in young men include:

  • Constantly low energy
  • Decreased muscle mass and strength
  • Depressive mood
  • Increased body fat
  • Loss of hair, including pubic and armpit hair
  • Low endurance threshold
  • Low sperm count
  • Shrinking testicles

How Not to Go About Testosterone Support

Barely five minutes into the award-winning movie Apocalypto, your screen would cut to a gut-wrenching scene of Blunted chewing on and spitting out the balls of a tapir because he could not stomach it.

What happened? Jaguar Paw jokingly told him that to revive his virility, he would have to eat the balls of an animal. Blunted does not know it is a running joke, and every time he eats tapir balls, they do nothing to improve his performance in the bedroom.

Blunted is not the first nor the last person to have eaten an animal’s testicles to boost his masculinity. The testicles of bulls, goats, sheep, and roosters have been part of regular diets in some old and modern cultures.

In some parts of Canada, the U.K, Spain, and the U.S, you can still find a diet of bulls’ testicles, deep-fried and breaded, and in some Middle Eastern countries, you can get some well-spiced, grilled sheep testicles. As you move further into Asia, the variety of testicular diets expands to include that of horses. Most men who indulge in these diets do so not because they are super delicious but because they seek to boost their masculinity or to be as strong as bulls and stallions.

Just as no certified medical professional would recommend popping Roman Testosterone Support pills without a diagnosis, no certified medical professional would advise you to eat a bull’s balls to regain your masculinity.

Does Unorthodox Testosterone Support Work?

The fuss about eating animals’ balls was heightened a bit in 1889 when a controversial scientist, Brown-Sequard, injected himself with extracts from the testicles of guinea pigs and dogs. Then 72 years of age, he claimed it made him feel as strong and agile as a young fellow.

Following the trend of eating bulls’ balls to feel strong, it was also rumored that many Olympic competitors in the 19th century ate raw testicles to get some kicks.

At the end of it all, medical research found no relationship between eating an animal’s balls and being more masculine. Any improvement recorded was merely a result of the accompanying placebo effect.

Thankfully, modern medicine and technology have brought us way better and less embarrassing solutions to testosterone deficiency. With a few clicks on your phone, you can sign up with one of the best men’s sexual health service providers in the U.S and get low T treatment online.

What is the Best Treatment for Low Testosterone?

So, what is the best treatment for low testosterone? An online TRT treatment could be all you need.

Consulting a testosterone doctor online will always be in your best interest. One with years of experience in testosterone replacement therapy that can help you with various medically-tested means of boosting your testosterone levels.

Usually, when people ask, “what is the best treatment for low testosterone?” they are usually faced with six forms of testosterone intake.

Some people might prefer taking pill supplements like Roman Testosterone Support without consulting a medical professional. However, as with every health condition, it is essential to undergo a proper diagnosis to determine the gravity of the condition and how best to tackle it, given the unique experiences you may have as an individual.

The six forms of testosterone intake include the following:

  • Topical creams, gels, and patches.
  • Oral doses
  • Long-acting and short-acting testosterone injections.
  • Intranasal gels
  • Pellets (only administered by a certified doctor).
  • Supplements, such as Roman Testosterone Support.

Of all these, what is the best treatment for low testosterone? At the moment, there‘s no evidence to show that one is eternally better than the other. Also, as with most forms of medical treatment, these options come with side effects which may include nausea and headache, among others.

Aside from these testosterone intake methods, the testosterone doctor may recommend testosterone therapy or some lifestyle changes.

However, such decisions are subject to the doctor’s diagnosis and your existing conditions, which all determine how your doctor proceeds with your online TRT treatment.

testosterone support

A Shy Guy’s Guide: Choose Medically-Approved Low T Treatment Online

If you consider the various causes of low T, you may realize that it is no fault of yours that you suffer testosterone deficiency. And as with every other health condition you may have, it is always a good choice to seek medical help as soon as you can.

At Craft Medical, we believe that your sexual health is private but not prohibited. Sexual health conditions may spring on you unawares, but due to the subtle taboos and stigmatization attached to them, you may find it difficult to talk about them to even your doctor.

This shyness or reluctance to talk about sexual health issues and other issues such as mental health has, for years, been the main roadblock stopping guys from getting the testosterone support and other medical help they need to live a normal life.

We understand the difficulties with having these discussions. Hence, we have structured our services around providing absolute discretion for both younger and older guys who need it.

Experience the Craft Medical Difference

At Craft Medical, online low testosterone treatment is not just about delivering Roman Testosterone Support to your doorstep. We do due diligence to ascertain your conditions and craft appropriate testosterone deficiency treatment just for you.

Our process involves three simple and easy steps:

  • Sign up and schedule a lab appointment.
  • Do your lab tests and discuss the results with a testosterone doctor online. For better accuracy, you may do lab tests on two different days to get your average T level.
  • We craft testosterone support for you using the results of the diagnosis.

More importantly, Craft Medical abides by the applicable state laws of Protected Information, thus ensuring that all applicable information provided during your interaction is safely protected. In all, you have nothing to be shy about, and like thousands of clients across the U.S, you can trust us for all your testosterone treatments.

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